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sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

February 25, 2011

Play your part.
 KNOW you are as important as the next person.
 Take pride in your actions of ridding the old wave lengths that have pinned you down.
And shine NOW as the NEW LIGHT... the NEW ENERGY that you have moved into through your own doing.

The battle is won. 
The Light shall continue to brighten as we march together and merge as one nation ...

February 25, 2011

Blossom: Hello my friends. I have to say that lately things are going so well in my life. I feel TOTALLY blessed and the heart place is exploding with excitement and enthusiasm. It just really FEELS to me that things are happening all around. This movement of Light that we all belong to is certainly building momentum. It's wonderful. It's all coming together and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to you for your imput and wise words that you give us ... through Love. To me, and to so many, I KNOW it has made a vast difference to the way we our conducting ourselves. So ... from us all ... Thank You.

Federation of Light (FoL): Dearest hearts. We are but a part of your experience, in the same way you are a part of ours. What we chose to impart is that which we KNOW to be of assistance to the soul's growing. That which you chose to take on board from these words ... is entirely up to the individual so that they may decipher for themselves that which is appropriate for them at any given time. For it is not all that we give that will always blend with each and everyone ... depending on the position they find themselves within their journey and that which they discover to be their Truth.

Blossom: I wonder if I may launch straight into a question regarding something that bothered me yesterday? I was sent a link to a trailer for a new film called 'ET -X', which basically is the sequel to the famous film ET (which I am sure you are aware of ). Sadly those in power here, have once again created a monster to fill souls with fear ... for it is about ET coming to tell the family that they need to save earth as his ET race is about to invade and destroy the planet or take it over ... or something nasty!!! It has many prestigious actors in it and I found myself getting really angry about it. So many unawakened souls will see this and it will influence them greatly as to their ideas about who you are, when the time is right for you to appear. I wondered if you would care to talk about this? 

FoL: This is not new to us for we have been aware of this matter even as it was in thought form. Let us comfort you in saying that there is NOTHING that will deter us from the grand plan. Dearest souls, do you think that something as trivial as what you call a movie, would be the downfall of our quest? We say to you that this is not so. With all respect ... we are not just out of nursery school. Although such issues do not fill us with delight, they certainly do not give us grave cause for concern. As you know ... as with all things of a lesser vibration ... it is for you to shine your Light upon such things. That is all you need to do.

Blossom: Actually, yes, you are right . I know that. I just wondered if it bothered you?

FoL: Not in the slightest inkling of concern. For we have such delights to counteract any form of that which those in control at this time are trying to fill your Beings with. So, shall we move on?

Blossom: And quickly it seems! With the greatest of pleasure ... but thank you for addressing it. What shall we discuss?

FoL: We would like to commend all of you on your graciousness to the cause. You cannot deny that which now is awakened within you. We KNOW that you MUST be able to FEEL the difference inside yourself for it is more than obvious to us within the brightness of energy that is emanating from so many. You are seeing now Blossom ... a graph that has risen from 0 and has climbed on a steady incline to such heights. This is exactly why you are FEELING as you said in the beginning of this discourse, that 'things are really happening'. The energy of your planet ... even since the commencement of this year for you, has become a beacon to show the way. For it is important for each one of you to understand that the role you play ... your individual part in this Ascension .... is as crucial as the next persons. For as each of you accept that it is YOUR LIGHT that is contributing AS ONE LIGHT with each other ... then the force of this ... the impact ... that it is exactly what is to make your earth and all within and upon it move into its next phase. We would say that each breath you take that is IN LOVE fills the atmosphere with a LIGHTNESS that allows it to be lifted into its longed for rightful position. There is not one of you that does not belong within this plan. The seeds were planted long long ago and we have watched as they have been nurtured into the fullness of what they have now become. Do not underestimate your role ... any of you. We are of such hope due to all that are awakening and joining us with their determination to see their part through. It is about BEING AN EXAMPLE as we have said many times.Yet it is also about really FEELING the difference within your heart. Trusting that throughout all that is to take place on your planet in the days ahead ... that you are already in knowledge of this and KNOW that certain things are necessary in order to complete this transformation into this New Age. 
We suggest to you that at all times you keep yourselves in tune with the Highest vibration of yourselves. Keep vigilant of your status regarding your energy field. Keep it balanced and well fed with Love. Take the time to draw into your Beings the energy of Light from above. It is an ongoing flow that is available to you at all times. It requires only that you acknowledge this and take the steps to keep 'topped up' so that you have plenty of Light and energy to offer out to those people and places in need ... and yet it is essential that you always allow yourselves to be 'full' also in order to do what it is you have to do. 
We KNOW we have spoken relentlessly on this matter but we FEEL that in certain regard it is now beginning to make more sense than once it did.
Blossom:Yes, I know for me, and I am sure many others, I have this feeling inside that I am 'getting it'. Understanding what you are trying to get through to us on a different level. As we progress we are able to KNOW what you mean, purely by the way we are FEELING. There are so many souls on the planet rising to the occasion. Bringing about such changes because they are heeding to their hearts call. It is happening all over the globe. 

FoL: Conduct yourselves in a fashion that is appropriate to one of Great Light. Know that each one of you is here to be of service to the whole. Do not sit around thinking 'but what can I do?' If this is what is crossing your mind then may we say with Light hearts ... you have not fully understood that which we are offering you. For ask yourselves ... what it is you can do? How many of you may feel a little lost with all of this? Leaving it to those who are 'out there' and in what you consider to be a more prestigious position? Do you,  with all respect ... make yourselves a cup of tea and retreat to the comfortable chair and fix your eyes upon an electrical box that has far more damaging effects than you realize? You feed your souls with visions and created stories of murderous affairs and wars and lies. You imagine that you are interested in how certain acted out stories maybe concluded and yet may we say ... all you are doing is focusing on that which is not of interest to your soul AT ALL.
All these 'programs' as you call them are not designed to entertain . These are indeed "PROGRAMMES' that 'program' YOU into a state of lethargy. They keep you at bay. They deter you from being who you are... from reaching your full potential. Yet you insist on falling into the trap. Having a sense of complacency is within your comfort zone when your energy is depleted, so you sit yourselves down and feed yourselves with more of the same thing.
We do not come to dictate. This is not our way. Our way is to show you other ways to redeem your Truest form. To help you to recognize that there is another way. A way out. A way to your freedom. 
Dearest souls ... be discerning regarding your welfare. Be aware of that which you chose to fill your soul with whether it be of a sustenance that enhances or one that depletes. Learn to recognize that which serves you in order for you to successfully serve the whole. Would it not be more beneficial to 'switch off your thoughts rather than 'switch on' your television? Would your BEING not gain from connecting up with your Higher self rather than connecting up with images and words that penetrate into your Being and are of detriment. It sometimes bewilders us that you chose to watch images of a horrific nature that are all designed through make up to enhance the negativities of your world ... when just a few steps away ... outside your door ... you can walk out into a scene of such beauty. You simply tilt your heads and there before you is an array of diamonds twinkling in your night sky .... for free!!!! These stars ... these energies of Light are not there to program your being into a state of 'don't care'. They are designed to fill your heart with a Love that takes your breath away. We ask you now as intelligent BEINGS ... which would you imagine is the one that serves you and the whole? ... and when you are out gazing in wonderment at natures beauty ... think also of all the many other souls who are just like you ... doing that very same thing at that very moment. Your hearts will connect with each other and strengthen the Light that is building. 

These are the times when your work here must step up. When you must move out of the space that has imprisoned you. When you must KNOW that there is nothing that can keep you in a place of darkness. You must KNOW that it is YOU who will set YOU free. By 'PULLING YOURSELVES TOGETHER'. By moving out of the rut that has suppressed you and your race for eons of time. 
You cannot do this if you chose to 'do it another day when you are feeling more energetic'.
NOW is the time to take back control of your life and do with it what you came to do. To lift this planet. To lift yourselves into a NEW WORLD. A world that you deserve. A world that is FREE. A World where the LOVE that you are is openly expressed in and through each other.
It is happening dear friends. It is taking place ... all because of YOU. 
Play your part. KNOW you are as important as the next person. Take pride in your actions of ridding the old wave lengths that have pinned you down. And shine NOW as the NEW LIGHT... the NEW ENERGY that you have moved into through your own doing.
The battle is won. The Light shall continue to brighten as we march together and merge as one nation ... LOVE.
Blossom: You stir my soul. You help me to know that we are not just little human beings plodding along for yet another day. It FEELS good to KNOW that there is a reason for every breath we take and from my point of view , because of you, I am beginning to enjoy each one so much more!! 

Thank you to you all for it all ... whoever you are on this planet ... wherever you maybe in this world of ours. Thank you for sharing it with me. In Love and thanks. 

PS ... Added later.
Apparently this movie trailer ET X is not a real film that has been made, someone just put it together with clips from other films and graphics. No wonder The Federation were happy to move on quickly! 

A gentleman by the name of Walter Bruneel sent me in yet another of his Divine paintings. This one depicting The Pillars of Light that the federation have been speaking of. It is such a wonderful visualisation to bring into manifestation. Thank you Walter. See more of his amazing artistry at . Well worth a peek ... let me assure you of that!!!

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild

Originals and translations of Galactic Messages available on

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14:02:2014 – 09:00 H Brisbane Hour, Australia

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Canal: Kathryn E May, PsyD
02 de Agosto de 2013

O Criador Original Fala:

Meus Queridos, não falo muitas vezes directamente convosco, mas é uma época tão extraordinária que estou a aproveitar esta oportunidade para falar-vos mais sobre o vosso mundo, e como é importante que se concentrem completamente, agora, em erguer as vossas vibrações, especialmente aqueles que estiveram tão ocupados a trabalhar, a ganhar dinheiro para pagar as contas e cuidar da família.

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No primeiro dia de Junho, depois de terem mandado lixar a troika, algumas dezenas de estudantes turcos a residir em Portugal juntaram-se na Avenida dos Aliados, no Porto, para apoiar os compatriotas. Dezenas de milhares de turcos têm protestado, ao longo da última semana, em Ancara e Istambul, contra o Governo de Recep Taiyyip Erdogan. Em causa está não só a decisão de construção um centro comercial no parque Gezi, mas também (ou sobretudo) um enorme descontentamento com a política de Erdogan, marcada pelo conservadorismo e pelo entusiasmo por grandes obras públicas consideradas fracturantes. O P3 quis ouvir jovens que conhecem a realidade turca e perceber qual é a perspectiva que têm sobre o conflito. Ideologias à parte, no final, a mensagem foi só uma: o povo está unido contra a violência e pela democracia.

Bradley Manning

1,000 dias sem julgamento. Esteja presente num dos 58 eventos para Bradley!

Adira ao apelo internacional para apoiar Bradley Manning, o soldado heróico que tem sido perseguido por ter feito o que era correcto – Expôr os crimes de guerra para motivar em todo o mundo as discussões, debatesse reformas.

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

Uma enorme efusão de apoio a Bradley!

Os Eventos incluem protestos, comícios, exibições de hip-hop, concertos e arte. Pedimos que estejam presentes num evento perto de vós, neste fim-de-semana afim de educar/informar/elucidar outros sobre Bradley e mostrar igualmente às autoridades militares que os povos de todo o mundo apoiam-no. Os soldados têm direito a um julgamento rápido, não apenas sob a legislação da Constituição dos Estados Unidos da América, mas também de acordo com o Código Uniforme da Justiça Militar daquele país. Mas o Tribunal Marcial tem sido atrasado porque as forças armadas têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa em aceder a evidência importante e

No entanto, o tribunal marcial designado para Bradley foi adiado porque os militares têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa para impedi-la de aceder a provas importantes e proporcionar um apelo a este informador.

Eventos nos E.U.A.

Tucson, AZ Feb 23, 11am-5pm
Tempe, AZ Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Guerneville, CAFeb 23, 12-1pm
Cahuenga (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 9-11am
Los Angeles, CAFeb 23, 5:30-6:30
Long Beach (L.A.), CA Feb 23 at 1pm until Feb 24 at 2pm
Montrose (L.A.), CAFeb 23, 5:30-7pm
Studio City (L.A.), CA Feb 22, 6:30-7:30pm
San Francisco, CAFeb 23, 1-4pm
San Diego, CA Feb 23, 7-9pm
Denver, CO Feb 23, 12-3:30pm
Washington, DCFeb 24, 6:30-9pm
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Pensacola, FL Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Tallahassee, FLFeb 23, 12-1pm
Honolulu, HI Feb 22, 4-5:30pm
Chicago, IL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Ft. Leavenworth, KS Feb 23, 1-3pm

Boston, MA Feb 23, 1-2pm
Augusta, ME Feb 23, 11:30am-12pm
Portland, ME Feb 23, 12pm
Detroit, MI Feb 23, 3-8pm
Eatentown, NJ Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
New Orleans, LAFeb 23, 2-6pm
Minneapolis, MN Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Wilmington, NC Feb 23, 12-1:45pm
Albuquerque, NM Feb 23, 10am-12pm
New York, NY Feb 23, 2-4pm
Rochester, NY Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Toledo, OH Feb 23, 12pm
Corvallis, OR ongoing
Philadelphia, PA Feb 23, 2-4pm
Newport, RI Feb 23, 1-2pm
Austin, TX Feb 23, 10:30am
Houston, TX Feb 23, All Day
Bristol, VT Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Seattle, WA Feb 23, 12-4pm

Eventos Internacionais

Melbourne, Australia Feb 22, 2-4pm
Sydney, AustraliaFeb 23, 11am-2pm
Vancouver, CanadaFeb 23, 1-5pm
Paris, France Feb 23, 3-5pm
Berlin, GermanyFeb 23, 12:30-3pm
Brussels, BelgiumFeb 23, 1-2pm
Kaiserslautern, Germany Feb 23, All Day
Rome, Italy Feb 23, 4-5pm
Oslo, Norway Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Oporto, PortugalFeb 23, das 15:00 às 18;00H.
Seoul, South KoreaFeb 23, 11am
Kampala, UgandaFeb 23, 10am-12pm

Dublin, Ireland Feb 23, 1-3pm
Birmingham, UK Feb 23, 2pm
London, UK Feb 23, 2pm
Peterborough, UK Feb 23, 12-2pm
Yorkshire, UK Feb 23, 11am
Fairford UK Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Bangor, Wales Feb 23, 11am-2pm
Cardiff, Wales Feb 23, 10:30am-2:30pm

No dia 3 de Junho, 100 dias após o próximo sábado, a acusação militar irá proferir uma sentença terrível para toda a vida, no tribunal marcial que está julgar Bradley. As demonstrações públicas são a melhor maneira de dar uma oportunidade de liberdade a este jovem informador. Nunca houve uma ocasião mais importante para divulgar o nosso apoio a expor crimes de guerra, justiça internacional e o direito do povo de saber o que o governo faz em nosso nome.

Encontre uma demonstração na sua área ou crie a sua !

Se estiver presente numa demonstração, por favor tire fotografias e envie por email

Obrigado por apoiar Bradley Manning

Ajude-nos a continuar a pagar a totalidade (100%) das despesas da defesa de Bradley! Faça uma doação HOJE!